Testing, Investigations & Inspection

MaRS, through its sister concern MaRS Enviro Research and Engineering Services Private Limited, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, offers an independent material testing and consultancy service to its clients in the construction industry.

Construction Materials Engineering and Testing is a critical component in the process of taking a structure off the blueprint and making it a reality. Our clients have come to depend on MaRS’s materials engineering and testing staff of professionals to protect their interests during the final design and the construction phases of their projects. MaRS maintains multi-faceted modern materials testing laboratories equipped with soils testing equipment such as strength and compaction devices, sieves, scales, ovens, soil classification stations, moulds, and other equipment necessary to provide moisture content, bearing ratios, density data, boring data for soils and rock, and asphalt testing. At MaRS, we are acutely aware that inaccurate subsurface/geological evaluations and construction delays translate into extra costs. Our team of engineers and engineering technicians help our clients anticipate and minimize potential issues and delays.

Under the testing, investigations & inspections sector, MaRS provides services, specific to the following types.

  • On Site and Lab based Investigations
  • Design & Implementation of Quality Assurance and Quality Control Plans
  • Development of Quality Manuals
  • Third Party Inspections
  • Damage Assessment & Rehabilitation Plans
  • Vendor Selection & Material Qualifications
  • Mix Design for RCC & Pavement Materials