GIS - Urban & Regional Planning

No matter how large or small a community is, spatial design programs such as parcels, zoning, land use, addresses, transportation networks, and housing stock need to be properly designed and administered by the urban and local bodies. ULBs also monitor multiple urban and regional indicators, forecast future community needs, and plan accordingly to help improve the quality of life in their community.

In order to address the challenges of urban and regional planning, we employ an integrated team approach to urban, rural and regional planning for both public and private sector initiatives. Working closely with our client and our land development, municipal infrastructure and architectural groups, we rigorously assess existing land uses, development options, planning policies and rationales, local sensitivities, economic constraints, public input and regulatory standards to formulate the optimum development solution. We use a wide range of the latest technical software for buildings and industries modelling with highly-skilled and experienced staff.

Under the urban & regional planning sector, MaRS provides high-quality design, engineering & project management consulting services, specific to the following project types.

  • City Development Plans (CDP)
  • Town Planning Schemes
  • Establishment of Townships
  • Property development advice
  • Rezoning & Consolidation of lands
  • Revenue Maps and Land records database management